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The Harbour Inn - Beijing
Featured Destination The Harbour InnJenny and Manzoor welcome you to newly opened Harbour Inn Bed and Breakfast 'Where travel and leisure blend together'.
Pamper yourself at our luxury B&B here in Beijing at very affordable prices.
Harbour Inn is a Chinese traditional Bed and Breakfast located in the heart of Beijing just minutes way from the mysterious Bell Tower...




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What Is BackPacking

Generally you can say that backpacking is a way of life. The name backpacking has come to existence because backpackers travel with a so called rucksack (a large backpack) instead of a suitcase. Often they are independent travelers with a tight budget, open minded, like to mix up with other travelers to share stories and explore the world. Most backpackers are looking for a cheap and fun place to sleep, and most of the time they end up sleeping in a hostel.

So what exactly is a hostel?

A hostel offers cheap accommodation with a variety of rooms. One of the characteristics of a hostel is that it has dormitories, where individual travelers can share a room to lower their costs and easily meet other people. In hostels it is common to have shared bathroom facilities in the hallways. A lot of hostels offer self catering kitchen facilities and have a meeting place where you can gather and hang out. Some hostels have their own bar and restaurant. People staying in a hostel generally go there for the laid back atmosphere as well as having a jump off point to meet new people and explore the area.